Canox: re-thinking tank oxygenation

Canox is the smart way for introducing oxygen into the tank. The Canox system is independent of the water circulation and carries in oxygen even if the main water flow is stopped. As a result, the oxygen supply is not interrupted even in the event of an emergency and the animals continue to be supplied with oxygen. It features low power consumption and operates at low water pressure. This makes the Canox both energy-efficient and cost-effective. Due to the low water pressure, there are no harmful pressure release bubbles, and the natural and normal behaviour of the fish or shrimp in the tank is not affected. As plug-and-play device, the Canox can be quickly installed and retrofitted into existing systems. The Canox is installed directly at the tank and uses the internal water flow for a very even oxygen distribution inside the tank and ensures a good oxygen supply, especially in systems with high stocking densities. Due to the robust design, it is easy to clean and requires little maintenance.