Sander has been active in the field of water treatment systems worldwide for more than 60 years.

We offer a wide range of services. From design and planning to maintenance and repairs. We give you the best support, or we take care of the logistics. All necessary steps for the successful operation of your system are processed competently by our experienced employees.
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The diverse enquiries from Germany and all over the world are received by our team of consultants. Depending on the complexity and size of the individual systems, the preliminary design and planning and the first drafts are carried out by our team of engineers in the fields of hydrodynamics, process and electrical engineering, marine biologists, technical draftsmen and designers. Feedback with the customer is very important.


In the field of water treatment systems, engineering is extremely important in order to precisely match the functionality and interaction between technology and biological processes. The vast experience of our engineers plays a very important role.

Switchgear (PLC)

n water treatment systems a central switchgear is indispensable. All electrically controlled aggregates are brought together in the switchgear cabinet. The elements of measurement, control and regulation technology are also included. All important information is collected and evaluated by a programmable logic controller (PLC).

The PLC becomes the brain of the system and is able to generate operational and warning messages.


A dedicated and specialized installation and assembly team is available to our customers. The team includes technicians in the fields of hydraulic engineering, pipeline construction, ozone and electrical engineering.


The commissioning process is used to set all system parameters for proper and smooth functioning of the system components. The final configuration is carried out by our engineers and technicians during the instruction of the operating personnel.


We offer to all our customers technical and biological courses and training for a better understanding of the high complexity and interactions in water treatment systems, and furthermore to enable an optimal operation of the systems components.


Our experienced employees offer support in all matters, whether commercial, technical or biological. We will help you on the phone, on site or online. Our technical installations (test field and laboratory) are also available to all our customers. The lab has also a mobile application for the use on site.

Maintenance and Repairs

Qualified technicians carry out maintenance and repairs on site in order to keep downtimes as short as possible. You can also send your devices and equipment to our factory, where a diagnosis and appropriate repairs will be carried out. Even if the urgency is high, we can react quickly and individually.


We pack and transport system components regardless of size and destination. Special and bulky transports are also possible. Our employees take care of every detail to ensure that the equipment arrives destination without any problems and undamaged.