Working principle of Sander’s protein skimmers

Sander’s skimmers use very fine air bubbles as the central filtration element.
An active zone builds up on the bubble surface, to which protein compounds adhere very easily due to their molecular structure. These form two molecular ends – a hydrophobic moiety which attaches to the bubble surface, and a hydrophilic moiety which reaches into the surrounding body of water. Various pollutants, in turn, accumulate around the hydrophilic part – in particular, organic materials such as bacteria, viruses and other pollutant particles.

A conglomerate of air bubble, protein molecules and pollutants forms and floats to the water surface due to the bubble’s buoyant force. The protein compounds’ surface activity causes a firm foam structure to build up, enclosing the pollutants. This foam is discharged via the foam tube. In this way, pollutants are removed not only from the aquarium, but completely from the water cycle.

In this way, the protein skimmer opens a window in the cycle of materials. This fact distinguishes the protein skimmer substantially from any other mechanical filter.

Substances that may be removed from the water using protein skimming:

  • Protein compounds
  • Various organic compounds
  • Reduction of bod and cod (biological and chemical oxygen demand) – cod in the foam is concentrated by a factor of about 100
  • Precursors of the toxins, ammonium and nitrite
  • Fine suspended solids
  • Residual feed and feces
  • Bacterial biomass and microalgae
  • metabolic products from the biofilter

Sander protein skimmers are ideal reaction vessels for the application of ozone. All Sander protein skimmers are equipped with an ozone inlet. The use of ozone supports and enhances the effiency of the skimming process and offers valuable benefits – including oxidation of nitrite, degermination and formation of stable foam.

Interaction with other filter elements

Sander protein skimmers

  • substantially enhance the efficacy of biofilters,
  • remove metabolic products from biofilters,
  • are ideally suited for the application of ozone,
  • lengthen the intervals between backwash procedures for sand filters,
  • are optimal for safely recycling outlet water from anaerobic biology (denitrification),
  • increase the amount of light incidence throughout the entire spectrum.

Gas balance

Sander protein skimmers effectively enhance the cycle of gases in the water. Animals breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. This reduces the water’s pH. In the skimmer, carbon dioxide is largely blown out, and oxygen is re-introduced. The water from the skimmer’s outlet is constantly slightly oversaturated with oxygen.

Highest efficiency

Sander protein skimmers operate at the highest level of efficiency.

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