Ozone Technology

Just as in nature ozone is formed in a flash inside the ozone generator. Oxygen is being transformed via the silent electrical discharge into ozone. Ozone is the strongest available oxidizing agent.

At the same time it is the most ecologically friendly agent, because it consists just from three oxygen molecules and does not insert any chemicals into the system.

Our ozone generators are being applied in home aquaria and in public aquaria, in industry and for research purposes. They can be used for the treatment of water as well as for air recycling.

The range of ozone production of our models starts from 25 mg/hr until 500 g/hr.

For research purposes in schools and universities we also offer laboratory ozonizers.

When accurately applied, ozone will:

  • reduce peak nitrite concentration
  • diminish the emergence of germs
  • oxidize yellow substance (clear water)
  • fight turbidity
  • increment and stabilize the redox potential
  • oxidize biological substances difficult to decompose
  • reduce organic contamination

Ozone is produced in an ozonizer. The correct application of ozone in aquaria takes place in a contact column (reactor). Sander protein skimmers are ideal for this purpose. The correct dosage can be controlled with the Sander redox potential measuring and regulating unit.

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