Aquatic Systems / Life Support Systems

Our core competencies are gathered altogether in the field of aquatic systems for show aquaria. Aquatic Systems display a complex artificial habitat, which in all it’s diversity needs to be supported by a suitable water treatment system. A close collaboration with the customer is very important, because nobody knows the target better than he himself.

Before visitors of public aquaria can finally enjoy the displayed aquarium life much work has to be finished first.

SANDER develops a conceptual design on basis of tank lists, layout drawings, information about water volumes and what kind of water shall be treated. This design considers the requirements of aquatic organisms so that the mechanical and biological water treatment, lighting and thermal systems match each single water system.

At the end of the planning procedure the customer gets a complete concept of the required components, the control system and finally the complete installation. Of course we also plan and supervise the installation of the system.

Once the system has been successfully completed, we offer trainings how to operate single units and also the complete system. In addition we offer service and maintenance of the units on a regular basis.

SANDER means QUALITY of our manufactured products and also QUALTIY in planning and implementing complete aquatic systems.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information!