Protein Skimmer III

The big reaction tube provides excellent oxygen enrichment of the aquarium water.

Taking off the foam beaker for cleaning and maintenance is easily achieved by loosening the clip fasteners.

The protein skimmers Model III are operated with wooden air stones. Model III P is operated with an injection pump. The outlet height of the skimmers can be adapted to the respective height of the aquarium.

Both models are equipped for the operation with ozone and will serve perfectly as ozone reactors.

With Sander protein skimmers Model III and III P, you have the perfect skimmers for marine water aquaria up to a volume of 7500 L.

Based on the counter current principle, the intensive skimming process removes toxic protein compounds, residual feed, bacteria and algae.

AH 700…
AH 1000
AH 1000…
AH 1400
AH 1500…
AH 1900
AH 1200…
AH 1900
Aquarium volume L 900–3500 1200–5500 2000–7500 1500–7500
Water flow L/h 900–1200 1200–1800 2000–2500 1500–2500
Air flow L/h 600 600 600 600