Ozonizers – Your Aquarium with Sander’s Ozone Technology

A healthy environment for fish in an aquarium and a minimum amount of water loss is a basic requirement for modern and efficient filter systems. However, in many cases there is more equipment required than just the filters. Sander has been developing and manufacturing aquarium techniques with the oxidizing gas “ozone” as a central principle of operation.

Our ozonizers can be used in both seawater and freshwater systems.

The compact design of the Certizon models and the models with an ozone production of up to 2000 mg/h can be installed and operated in any required position – wall mounting is possible. The ozone production requires very low energy. The ozone production can be steplessly adjusted from 0 % to 100 % and is indicated via the operation indicator (LED). Sander ozonizers are suitable for a maximum back-pressure of 0,5 bar.

The application of first-class electrode material (ceramic and titanium) ensure the safe and durable operation.

Our Ozone Generators Model “Multizon” are suitable for applications with water volumes of over 20 m³.