Ozonizer S 500

Ozonizer S 500 has a maximum ozone output of 500 mg/h. All model S ozonizers guarantee reliable ozone production at low energy consumption.

The ceramic ozone electrode is reliable and can be cleaned easily, if required. A trimmer allows for continuous adjustment of ozone output required for the individual application. S 500 can be operated in fresh water systems (ponds) as well as marine water systems.

The unit may only be used in vacuum mode.
A residual ozone decomposer (activated carbon cartridge) must be connected to the air outlet of the ozone reactor.

You require information regarding safe ozone dosage? Please read <link en service faq what-is-the-adequate-dosage-of-ozone.html>here.

Ozoneoutput mg/h 0–500
Continuous adjustment % 0–100
Powerconsumption Watt 12
Air flow L/h 200–1000
Fresh water volume up to L 10 000
Marine water volume up to L 5 000