An Ozonizer is Easily Connected

Suggestion A: Installation at the Wall

At the rear of the ozonizer there are two fastening-straps for fastening the ozonizer to the wall. If possible the ozonizer should be installed over the aquarium. This avoids water flowing back in case of a power cut. If the unit is fastened to the wall under the water level a tube slope should be installed (s. suggestiom B).

Suggestion B: Installation Inside the Cabinet

The ozonizer can be installed inside the cabinet underneath the aquarium. In this case a tube slope has to be fixed to avoid a backflow of water in case of a power cut. Do not install the ozonizer on the cover of the aquarium. The ozonizer has two connections for air tubes. The left one is connected to an air pump with an air tube. The right one is connected to an air stone inside the aquarium with an air tube. In sea water it is suitable to connect the ozonizer with a protein skimmer and in fresh water with a small air-driven filter. Having finished these connections, put in the plug and the Sander Ozonizer is ready for operation. Each Sander Ozonizer is equipped with a rheostat which allows to regulate the ozone output as it is needed. A control lamp indicates the correct operation of the unit.

Assembly Scheme Ozonizer and Redox Controller