Sander Aquatec GmbH

Since 2003 when the company was established Sander Aquatec GmbH has been installing SANDER Life Support Systems.

Our customers can rely on a dedicated and specialized team of technicians and assembly operators with many years of experience in the fields of aquatic systems, pipe works, ozone technology and electrical engineering.

Our business activities comprise site management, constructural engineering, positioning of the components and installation of the complete system. The initial start-up can be done when all components of the water treatment system have been installed and the equipment has been connected hydraulically and electrically and if all preconditions on the part of the customer are fulfilled, e.g. the connection to the water and electrical power supply are ready. In the course of the commissioning the operational staff will get a detailed training of the system.

The perfect and above all the safe performance for many years will be guaranteed by the regular maintenance and safety check of the installed components by our technicians.

Service is most important for us: If required we will be ready to assist you with technical support over the phone or directly on site.