neomar GmbH

neomar GmbH designs and installs aquaculture plants in closed recirculation systems.

During the last few decades, in the course of the worldwide overfishing of the oceans, aquaculture systems have become an alternative to meet the increasing human demand on fish.

Already every second fish which has been consumed originates from farmed production. This development leads to extensive problems, especially for the marine aquaculture, which at present is mainly located in coastal areas.

A non-limited increase of production capacities contains a high ecological risk and often leads to conflicts of interests between different users.

Already at this stage neomar GmbH offers with the oceanloop an innovative technology which enables the production of marine organism from any location and thus an alternative to fisheries and conventional fishfarming. The oceanloop technology is an enhancement of aquaculture recirculation systems through the integration of different areas of technology and science.

Our current project – the Marine Fish Farm in Voelklingen, Germany – has been started up recently. It is the first fish breeding farm for seafish in the middle of Europe – far away from the sea.

neomar GmbH designed and installed this fish farm and directs it’s operations.