Erwin Sander Elektroapparatebau GmbH

Since 1961 - the year of the establishment of Erwin Sander Elektroapparatebau GmbH – the company is owned and managed by the families Sander and Meng – meanwhile in the third generation.

Mr. Erwin Sander, the founder of Erwin Sander Elektroapparatebau GmbH had an idea: he wanted to clean aquarium water with ozone. For this reason he constructed the very first Sander-Ozonizer with an ozone production of 25 mg/h. In the beginning these ozonizers were manufactured in his home in Essen (North Rhine–Westphalia) but soon a new and bigger production facility in Uetze-Eltze (Lower Saxony) was built. Since then the company has expanded and the premises have been enlarged permanently.

Nowadays Erwin Sander Elektroapparatebau GmbH manufactures besides ozonizers with an ozone production of 25 – 2000 mg ozone / hr and 5 – 500 gr ozone / hr also protein skimmers of all sizes, biofilters, measuring units and switch gears as well as various accessories for the water treatment of small and also big aquaria with water volumes up to thousands of cubic meters.

Products of Erwin Sander Elektroapparatebau GmbH are being sold and applied all over the world. The field of application for the water treatment are manifold:

  • Seawater and freshwater applications for both public aquaria and for domestic use
  • Ponds
  • Hatcheries
  • Depuration systems for fish and molluscs
  • Aquaculture systems
  • Drinking water systems
  • Rinsing water systems
  • Bathwater
  • Waste water and rain water
  • Air cleaning
  • Surface treatment etc.

For us service is very import. Best functionality of our products will be ensured by the technical support of our specialists. The permanent top performance of our products during the whole operating life will be preserved by our periodic maintenance service and provision of spare parts for many years.