Aqurium Systems

Aquaria are a part of nature in our living room, a window to a different world. Fishes, corals, lower animals or algae – a world of beauty and miracles to be explored and marveled at.

The hobby aquarist is confronted with a complex system. The enjoyment of understanding the processes and interaction in an aquarium requires the necessary biological, chemical and technical knowledge and is fundamental for the well-being of the animals and plants.

Today’s aquarium technology offers a variety of products and solutions to the advantage of the hobby aquarist. A combination of different components and the resulting interaction of location, the aquarium inhabitants and the aquarist make this hobby a fascinating passion.

More fresh water and sea water applications:

  • aquaria in pet shops
  • public aquaria and zoos (“life support systems”)
  • water treatment systems for e.g. penguins, seals and sea lions
  • quarantine tanks
  • fish farming and pisciculture
  • ponds
  • swimming pools
  • aquaculture
  • drinking water purification
  • industrial water treatment
  • etc.


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